The Texas Comptroller is our state’s financial officer, responsible for overseeing the $100 billion-a-year enterprise of Texas state government. Our duties include managing the state’s investments, estimating the financial impact of proposed legislation and forecasting the amounts that state taxes, fees and other revenue sources will produce over each two-year state budget period.

This requires our economists, researchers and subject-matter experts to keep a constant watch on the Texas economy. In this area, we provide a series of resources that can give you a better understanding of the trends and events that affect our state — and your wallet.

What's New?

Fiscal Notes

Texas Transportation

The Texas economy relies on a complex network of roads, rails, airports and seaports. Read about this network — and its costs — in May Fiscal Notes.

Women in the Workforce

Texas women mean business.

More women than ever are leading a diverse range of enterprises. In the past 10 years, the number of woman-owned companies in Texas has risen by 146 percent.


Key Economic Indicators

Take a look at the latest significant digits relating to the Texas economy.

Manufacturing in Texas

Video: Manufacturers Are Good for Texas

Manufacturing contributed $226 billion to Texas’ GDP in 2016. Our new video highlights Comptroller Glenn Hegar’s 2017 tour of Texas manufacturers.   Watch the video »

Fiscal Notes
Women in Business