State RevenueWhere the Money Comes From

Texas state government is an enormously complex undertaking, including everything from road construction to professional licensing, from prisons to university research. It’s a more than $110 billion-a-year enterprise that relies on funding from a variety of sources, including about $50 billion annually that the Texas Comptroller’s office collects from more than 60 separate taxes, fees and assessments.


With our data visualizations, sources of state government revenue are easily accessible. We offer an unprecedented array of data, giving you the tools you need to drill down to specific information and see trends in action.

Monthly Revenue Watch

Get a detailed look at Texas revenues by month, with the option to view revenues in all funds (excluding trusts) or in general revenue-related funds.

Additional Revenue Resources

Use these resources to dig deep in your search for where Texas’ state dollars come from.

Classic Tools

The Comptroller's State Revenue data has been updated. The data previously provided in our Classic Tools can now be located using the data visualizations tools. The tools provide graphical representations of the data as well as tables that can be downloaded for further analysis. If you have questions regarding the tools, please contact us at