Texas Online Tax Registration Application

Complete this application if you are engaged in business in Texas and:

  • sell or lease tangible personal property in Texas; or
  • sell taxable services in Texas.

Permit applicants: Use this application to register for these taxes and fees

  • Sales and Use Tax
  • 911 Surcharge and Fees
  • Sales Tax Surcharge on Diesel Equipment
  • Fireworks Tax - Repealed effective Sept. 1, 2015

To complete the application, you'll need:

Allow 2-3 weeks to receive your permit.

Apply for Permit via eSystems

Is your business receiving unwanted phone calls?

New and renewing sales tax permittees sometimes get calls from vendors seeking to provide goods or services, but taxpayers have reported that within a week or two of starting business, the unsolicited calls diminish.

Why does this happen? Texas law requires that the Comptroller's office provide this public information, which includes a permittee's telephone number. We receive requests each week for a list of businesses that have been issued new sales tax permits. We do not sell this information. Additionally, law prohibits us from asking requestors what they plan to do with the information.

Of course, the Comptroller's office is committed to protecting your information; therefore, none of your confidential information is ever disclosed.

FEDERAL PRIVACY ACT - Disclosure of your Social Security number is required and authorized under law, for the purpose of tax administration and identification of any individual affected by applicable law, 42 U.S.C. §405(c)(2)(C)(i); Tex. Govt. Code §§403.011 and 403.078. Release of information on this form in response to a public information request will be governed by the Public Information Act, Chapter 552, Government Code, and applicable federal law.

Under Ch. 559, Government Code, you are entitled to review, request and correct information we have on file about you, with limited exceptions, in accordance with Ch. 552, Government Code. To request information for review or to request error correction, contact us at the address or phone number listed on this form.