It is undisputed that meaningful transparency leads to greater accountability. The Texas Comptroller believes you have the right to know how government spends your tax dollars. Texans work hard to earn every tax dollar they send to the state, which is why it is important for us to publish information about how and where those dollars are spent. We provide easy-to-use tools to track state government spending across every state agency.

Information from nearly every local government entity across the state, including municipalities, counties, school districts and special purpose districts is easily accessible on our Transparency website.

Explore our transparency initiatives below to learn more about how the state and various local governments spend public tax dollars or, if you represent a local entity, you can provide your information.

Have a question about a specific transparency program? Visit our contact page to learn more.

What's New?

debt lookup

Local Entity Debt Lookup

Observe self-reported debt information by the state’s local governments.

bond elections

Bond Election Roundup

View upcoming local bond elections and their results.

State Spending Visualizations

Where the Money Goes: Spending Visualizations

Tools to search the state check register, track state spending and see your tax dollars at work.

Where the Money Comes From

Where the Money Comes From

Tools to review revenue dollars and better understand the state’s finances.

Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain Reporting and Public Database

Your first stop for learning about eminent domain authority in Texas.

Transparency Stars Awardees

Transparency Stars Awardees

Distinguished local governments who have gone above and beyond in their transparency efforts.

Transparency Stars Webinar

Transparency Stars Webinar

Instructions on the Stars program application and process.

debt lookupDebt
bond-electionsBond Elelctions
Where the Money GoesWhere the Money Goes - Spending Visualizations
Where to Money Comes FromWhere to Money Comes From
Eminent Domain Reporting and Public DatabaseEminent Domain
Transparency Stars AwardeesStar Awards
Transparency Stars WebinarStars Webinar