Treasury Operations manages the incoming and outgoing funds for the state. The division receives and safeguards state money, maintains accounts of all receipts and expenditures, and serves as custodian of securities in trust.

Through four primary business areas — Banking and Electronic Processing, Cash and Securities Management, Public Finance, and Treasury Accounting — Treasury Operations processes thousands of transactions every day.

In this section state agencies, taxpayers and financial institutions can find tools and information to help them complete necessary transactions.

Programs and Resources

Bond Appendix

The Bond Appendix provides a general description of the State of Texas and its finances. It is not intended to be exhaustive. Historical data and trends presented are not intended to predict future events or continuing trends, and no representation is made that past experience will continue in the future.

The February 2019 Bond Appendix (PDF) is now available.

Download the spreadsheet. (XLSX)

Questions about the Bond Appendix? Call 512-463-8366.

Treasury Pool

The Treasury Pool is the collective name of all funds held in the state treasury. These funds are invested in a mixture of investment types and financial institutions statewide. Treasury Pool Rates are the annualized average rates of interest on all Treasury pooled investments. Rates are rounded to three decimal places.

Texas Pooled Collateral Program

The Pooled Collateral Program allows a depository institution to pool collateral for public entities, and requires the Comptroller to regulate and monitor the Program. Under this Program, the Comptroller ensures that the securities pledged as collateral have a market value greater than the deposits.