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Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts


Texas SmartBuy Membership Program

The Texas SmartBuy Membership Program is the new name for the State of Texas Cooperative (CO-OP) Purchasing Program. We’re your Texas trusted purchasing partner for local government and state funded assistance organization buyers for over 30 years. As a service from the Comptroller’s office, the state purchasing cooperative promotes best value procurements through state contract usage at the local level. The state offers Texas sized savings from its multi-billion dollar purchasing volume as the estimated #10 economy in the world. The Texas SmartBuy Membership Program empowers state funded local buyers such as cities, counties and school districts with access to the same best value and competitively bid statewide contracts as our state agencies. A Texas SmartBuy Membership harnesses the state’s purchasing power and puts it to work in your local community.

Members are provided access to purchase from a wide variety of state term contracts, TXMAS contracts, DIR technology contracts, purchase card, fuel and travel contracts for qualified entities — all leveraged by the buying power of the state of Texas.

Potential vendors, dealers, contractors, suppliers interested to become a vendor with the state of Texas can learn more here.

Membership eProcurement

Keep it Smart. Keep it Streamlined.

The Texas Comptroller's office operates the Texas SmartBuy online ordering system. Vendors' goods and services are available by category, product, price and contract, viewable to the public and are available to purchase only by members. With our eprocurement system, you can search, compare and purchase state contracted items all online any time day or night and locate your best value procurement. The system will automatically generate a purchase order to both you the purchaser and to the vendor saving you time. Purchasers have the ability to create favorite orders, wish lists, use multiple carts and track or change orders online.

The Statewide Procurement Division (SPD) manages and monitors hundreds of state contracts to ensure compliance, and provides training for state and local government purchasers and contract managers. To learn more about certification training, or to receive Texas SmartBuy specific training, please contact us.

Are You an Established Buyer in the Texas SmartBuy Membership Program?

Start here to confirm your membership status, access the Texas SmartBuy ordering system, and view Texas SmartBuy items available for purchase.

Ready to Put the Purchasing Power of Texas to Work for You?

Start here to get your all access membership!

For questions or comments regarding the Texas SmartBuy Members Program, please email us or call 512-463-3368.