Treasury and Financial SystemsState Financial Management

In this section state agencies, taxpayers, financial institutions and third party software developers can find tools and information to help them complete necessary transactions.

Fiscal Management

The Fiscal Management Division website (FMX) helps state agencies and institutions of higher education efficiently and effectively manage their appropriations, financial reporting, purchase and travel expenditures, payrolls and personnel.

Treasury Operations

Treasury Operations manages the incoming and outgoing funds for the state. The division receives and safeguards state money, maintains accounts of all receipts and expenditures, and serves as custodian of securities in trust.

The Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company

The Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company is a special purpose trust company whose mission is to preserve and grow the state's financial resources by competitively managing and investing them in a prudent, ethical, innovative and cost-effective manner while focusing on client needs. They administer the Texas Certified Capital Companies (CAPCOs) program.

Become a State Depository

A financial institution — a state or national bank, savings and loan association or credit union — doing business in Texas through a main office or one or more branches may apply to become a depository of state funds.

Financial Systems and Tools


TEXNET, the State of Texas Financial Network facilitates electronic payments from taxpayers and unclaimed property holders.

Direct Deposit

Sign up fordirect deposit to receive payments from the state electronically. Contact your Paying Agency to obtain the form applicable to you.


eSystems is a secure portal that can be used for filing and paying taxes (Webfile), reporting unclaimed property, registering for procurement programs (HUB/CMBL) and tax exemptions (Ag-Timber), and more.