Statewide Mail Operations

The Statewide Procurement Division (SPD) Statewide Mail Operations was established by Texas Government Code 2176 and provides state agencies and universities a variety of mail operations services, including:

  • the delivery, collection and metering of USPS domestic and international mail
  • delivery and collection of interagency mail
  • delivery and collection of state warrants
  • Statewide Mail Operations Contracts Administration
  • agency requests for mail equipment purchase, leasing and service review and approval
  • outgoing mail information including mail types, mail piece design, addressing and packaging information
  • distribution of mail handling guidelines
  • mail operations evaluations and training
  • United States Postal Service (USPS) liaison

Mail Operations

The interagency mail service transports more than 1 million pieces of mail between state agencies annually, eliminating the need to pay postage for items delivered between state agency locations using this service.

  1. Do not apply postage to items sent via interagency mail.
  2. A list of participating agencies, including locations, may be found on the Interagency Mail List webpage.

For additional information regarding Statewide Mail Operations, contact Nicklaus Watson, SPD Statewide Mail, at 512-936-8458 or Mail Operations at 512-463-3440.