Continuing Education and Certification Renewal

The SPD Training and Policy Development provides the continuing education required for procurement professionals to maintain certification. You will be required to complete the State Certification Renewal Excel File which must be submitted at least 30 days prior to your expiration date.

If you allow your certification to expire, an extension may be requested within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of expiration. If the Division approves the extension, you have sixty (60) calendar days from the date of extension approval to complete the requirements for renewal.

In the event you fail to meet the continuing education requirement, your certification will expire and you will be required to retake the required levels of training course, retest and reapply for certification.

***Continuing education requirements have changed.***

Certifications issued after January 1, 2018 will be issued for three (3) years for Certified Texas Contract Developers and Certified Texas Contract Managers.

Continuing education for procurement professionals renewing a three (3) year certification are required to take twelve (12) hours of SPD-sponsored continuing education hours. One (1) of the twelve (12) hours must be and Ethics course.

***The Ethics course is currently being waived due to course development.***

Procurement professionals renewing a five (5) year certification may renew under the previous requirement of 80-hours of continuing education provided the training meets the previous policy and time line for renewals. Procurement professionals renewing a five (5) year certification may also elect to renew under the twelve (12) hour SPD-sponsored continuing education requirement. Certifications previously issued for five (5) years will be renewed for three (3) years. Once a certification is renewed, all current rules and procedures apply.

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Webinar Training for Governing Bodies Section 656.053 of the Texas Government Code

Each state agency must independently determine who qualifies as a member of a governing body for the agency. Any such determination requires studying the enabling statutes and any other applicable law regarding the particular agency at issue. If you have questions about who in your agency is required to complete this training for governing bodies, please consult your agency's legal counsel.

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This does not apply to a state agency that does not enter into any contracts.

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