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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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BOOT Program: Bringing Online Opportunities to Texas

The BOOT Program is Texas’ first competitive broadband grant program aimed at funding infrastructure projects that bring broadband access to end users in eligible areas of the state.

All applications, challenge information and deadlines will be available here. Check back often.

Step 1


  • Applications are closed.



  • The BDO has notified applicants with overlapping project areas.

Step 3


FCC location IDs due Dec. 21, 2023

  • On Nov. 21, 2023, applicants were asked to provide Federal Communications Commission (FCC) location IDs for all addresses included in project applications.
  • These FCC location IDs allowed the BDO to certify if a location is already under an enforceable federal commitment.
  • The FCC location IDs also ensured the locations being applied for are actual broadband serviceable locations.
  • Applicants had until Dec. 21, 2023, to submit FCC location IDs.
  • Please see BOOT Challenge Process and Outcome for more information.

Step 4


Began Aug. 22, 2023, for
unchallenged applications

The evaluation criteria and weighting can be reviewed in the Notice of Funding Available (NOFA) for the BOOT Program.

The BDO has completed its primary evaluation of the BOOT Program applications and is now ready to begin making award decisions. The office decided to prioritize applications that do not contain any locations that overlap with other applications. Those applicants who have submitted such applications have been contacted and given the opportunity to amend their applications prior to the award decisions. These amendments will ensure the applications correspond with their submitted FCC location IDs. Applications containing overlap may still be considered for possible funding following the first iteration of award decisions.


After all awarded applicants have entered into agreements with the office, BDO will announce the winning applicants on the BOOT Program pages.


Throughout the life of the funded project, awarded applicants will submit regular reports with the BDO. The details for reporting requirements can be reviewed in the BOOT Program NOFA.

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