Employee Information System (EIS)

State employees at the following agencies are set up to view their earnings statement and leave summary information in EIS.

If you have forgotten your EIS login/password or need assistance, please contact your agency representative listed below or your agency help desk or payroll department.

Last Updated: October 25, 2023

Agency Contacts
Agency Name Agency Number Contact Name Phone Number
Texas Facilities Commission 303 Richard Allen 512-463-3433
Texas Facilities Commission 303 Sarita Burks 512-744-5844
Texas Facilities Commission 303 Emeterio Amaya
State Auditor's Office 308 Cristal Martinez 512-936-9470
State Auditor's Office 308 Lisa Owens 512-936-9721
Texas State Securities Board 312 Misty Smith 512-305-8322
Employees Retirement System 327 Paul Kieschnick 512-867-7208
Employees Retirement System 327 John Barnes 512-867-7243
Health Professions Council 364 John Monk 512-305-8551
Commission on Jail Standards 409 Rodney Valls 512-463-8087
Commission on Fire Protection 411 Alma Craig 512-936-3841
Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending 450 Antonia Antov 512-475-1296
Texas Department of Banking 451 Paula Urban 512-475-1344
Texas Board of Plumbing Examiners 456 Mayra Zamarripa 512-936-5222
Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner 466 Mirand Diamond 512-936-7617
Texas Racing Commission 476 Adrianne Courtney 512-490-4026
Commission on State Emergency Communications 477 Kelley Williams 512-305-6925
Texas State Board of Dental Examiners 504 Leticia Kappel 512-305-7378
Texas Board of Nursing 507 Laurie Perez 512-305-6853
Texas Department of Agriculture 551 Patricia Myrick 512-463-7495
Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners 578 Candice Simon 512-305-7563
Texas Water Development Board 580 Human Resources 512-475-2142
Soil and Water Conservation Board 592 Yolanda Brown 254-773-2250 x254
State Preservation Board 809 Lisa Stockton 512-463-9825

Please choose EIS Contact from the master Contact List Update Form to submit changes. If you have questions, please email us at HR.LOA@CPA.TEXAS.GOV.