Open Records - Frequently Requested Files

The Comptroller’s Office has created a new tool for open records requests concerning data files for franchise, sales, hotel, crude oil and natural gas. Please visit https://data-secure.comptroller.texas.gov/ and follow the directions for creating an account. Once you have created an account, you will be able to log onto the system with your e-mail and password.

For your convenience, beginning April 1, we are going to post updated files on a weekly and monthly basis. Please make sure to review the record layouts for the data files. Both the record layouts and the data files will be included in the posted zip folder. Below are the naming conventions for the files. The “W/M” indicator is for the frequency of updates: weekly (W) or monthly (M).

  • franMM-DDph.zip – New Franchise Taxpayers (MM-DD represents the posting date) - W
  • stpMM-DDph.zip – New Sales Tax Permits (MM-DD represents the posting date) - W
  • FTACT.zip – Active Franchise Taxpayer File - M
  • FTOOB.zip – Inactive Franchise Taxpayer File – M
  • FTOFFDIR.zip – Officers and directors of companies listed on FTACT.zip - M
  • STACT.zip – Active Sales Tax Permits - M
  • COMaster.zip – Master records for crude oil taxpayers - M
  • NGMaster.zip – Master records for natural gas taxpayers - M
  • Lease.zip – Natural Gas and Crude Oil Lease records - M
  • NGExempt.zip – Natural Gas Exempt Lease records – M (This will be a table in Access.)
  • COExempt.zip – Crude Oil Exempt Lease records – M (This will be an Excel spreadsheet.)
  • DPvLease.zip – Compares the drilling permit number with the lease number – M
  • NG11Exempt.zip – Natural gas lease type 11 exemption - M
  • CO11Exempt.zip – Crude oil lease type 11 exemption - M
  • HOTYYMM.zip – Hotel data for year and month indicated – W
  • HOTYYQ.zip – Hotel data for the year and quarterly indicated – W
  • HOTyyyy.zip – Hotel data for the year indicated. – M
  • Audinp.zip – Audits that are currently active – W
  • Audcom.zip – Audits completed since January 2018 – W

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