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All 911 Fees911 Fees

Emergency Services Return

Number of Access Lines On Which Service Fees Were Collected: Enter the total number of local exchange access lines/equivalent local exchange access lines on which you actually collected the fee in whole dollars.

Equalization Surcharge Return

Intrastate Long-distance Service Charges: Enter the intrastate long-distance service charges on which surcharge was collected in dollars and cents.

Wireless Return

Number of Wireless Connections: Enter the number of wireless connections on which fee was collected in whole dollars only.

Number of Prepaid Calling Service Connections: Of the "Number of Wireless Connections," enter the number that were prepaid calling service connections in whole dollars only.

Prepaid Wireless Return

Total Gross Receipts from Sales of ALL Prepaid Wireless Telecommunications Services: Enter the total gross receipts from sales of ALL prepaid wireless telecommunications services in whole dollars only.

Receipts Generated at Retail Locations: Enter the receipts generated at retail locations in whole dollars only.

Receipts Generated Via Internet and Telephone: Enter the receipts generated via internet and telephone in whole dollars only.

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