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Ag/Timber Number SearchAgricultural Timber Exemption Application

Search by Registration Number: Searching by registration number will result in you finding data specific to that number. The registration number is an eleven digit number assigned by the Comptroller that begins currently with a 1 or a 3.

First, Middle, Last Name: First, middle and last name allow you to search for an Ag/Timber number that is owned by sole proprietors by the sole proprietor's name. You must enter part of a first and last name as a minimum to execute the search.

You can enter:

  • between 1 and 20 characters for the first name
  • between 2 and 25 characters for the last name
  • between 1 and 15 characters for the middle name. Middle name is optional.

Farm/Ranch or DBA Name: Searching by business name results in a list of businesses with names that begin with the characters you entered. For example, entering Silver brings up all businesses that begin with the six characters silver such as Silver Enterprises or Silver Stewards, Inc.

Search by Business Name: This maybe the location of a farm or ranch but it is not necessarily the name of the business entity that owns it. Searching by an farm/ranch or DBA name or a portion of one will result in a list of all the matching location names on file.

If you enter an a farm/ranch or DBA name, you must enter between 2 and 50 characters. The more characters you enter (up to the complete outlet name), the more specific the search will be.

Search Results

General Information: This is a list that matches the search criteria you input on the previous page. This list is limited to two hundred entries. If you cannot find the one you are searching for, try entering a more specific name.


The Agriculture/Timber registrant has an active agriculture/timber registration number and is eligible to issue an ag/timber exemption certificate to their suppliers to purchase qualifying items tax-free.


The Agriculture/Timber registrant does not have an active sales tax permit and is not eligible to purchase items tax-free under the agriculture/timber exemption. You should not accept an ag/timber exemption certificate with registration number that is inactive.

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