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Eminent Domain ProvisionsEminent Domain

Select the provision type to be entered: Texas Code or Constitution; Vernon's Civil Statutes; or Other Legal Authority.

If Texas Code or Constitution is selected, select the code that grants eminent domain authority.

If more than one code grants authority, choose one to start. You can add more as necessary.

If Vernon's Civil Statute is selected, enter the title and the chapter/article numbers.

If Other Legal Authority is selected, enter the relevant legislation that grants eminent domain authority.

Enter Sections

Select all listed sections of the code that grant eminent domain authority by checking the appropriate boxes or holding the Ctrl key and selecting each section needed in the list.

Once the appropriate sections are selected, select Continue.

If the applicable section is not listed, select Other and select Continue. Type in the section number that was not listed.

If more than one unlisted section needs to be entered, select more next to the text box to add another text box.

Enter the next unlisted selection. Continue to press more to add as many sections as needed.

Once all the sections have been entered, press Continue.

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