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If you need to file a new report, select File an Entity's First Report and press Continue.

If you need to update an existing report, select File or Update an Entity's report, enter the Eminent Domain ID number and the 11-digit Texas Taxpayer ID or 9-digit Federal Tax ID, then press Enter.

You can also update a report by selecting it from those listed in your account.

The list of reports associated for your account shows the Eminent Domain ID, the entity name, the last date the report was updated, the report status and the most recent year a report was filed.

Once a report has been filed or updated, it will be added to your list of associated reports.

The Report Status includes:

  • Pending – the report is being reviewed by the Comptroller's office.
  • Denied – the report needs additional information or clarification.
  • Accepted – the report has been filed successfully.

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