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Add Webfile Access

Once you have created your account, you must gain access to the taxes/fees you wish to file and/or pay with Webfile.

You only have to do this once for each tax/fee and taxpayer.

Select Add Taxpayer Access and enter an 11-digit taxpayer number (no dashes or spaces) to file/pay taxes and fees for that taxpayer.

Select Remove Webfile Access to remove access for a taxpayer account from your profile. This will not affect the tax account; only remove it from your list.

If you would like to access the taxpayer account again you will need their Webfile number.

Enter Webfile Number

To file and/or pay taxes or fees using Webfile, you need a Personal Identification Code (Webfile number). This number will be printed on returns and notices you receive from us in the mail.

Your Personal Identification Code (Webfile number) will be one of the following:

RT Numbers:
The number begins with the letters RT followed by 6 digits. They are for all taxes and fees other than Franchise, and they are printed in the upper left margin of the return you receive from our office.
XT Numbers:
The number begins with the letters XT followed by six digits. They are for filing franchise tax reports, and they are printed in the upper right corner of the notification letter you receive from our office.
We mail these letters to each taxable entity about six weeks before the due date of the next report. We also print the Webfile number in the top left corner of each franchise tax delinquent notice.
FQ Numbers:
The number begins with the letters FQ followed by 6 digits. They are for completing a Franchise Tax Questionnaire, and they are printed in the right corner of the Registration Letter.

More than one person can log in and access taxpayer accounts by providing the Personal Identification Code (Webfile number) for authentication to access the account.

Press Create Access.

Terms and Conditions

Read the Terms and Conditions carefully.

By checking I Agree and selecting Continue, the account holder is agreeing to the terms and conditions of use.

Account Holder is a reference to the specific User Identification assigned to this account and specific tax or fee. This is not referring to management within your company such as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Access Confirmed

You can now use Webfile to file and/or pay taxes and fees with this account.

Manage Profile: Select one of these options to update your user profile, change your security question, change your password or return to the eSystems menu.

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