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Pay With Electronic Check (WebEFT)

Balance Due: Calculated total of the total tax due, discounts/credits, penalties, interest, fees and prior payments based on what is reported.

Pending Payment: Payments submitted through WebEFT (electronic check) or credit card that have not cleared.

Pending Payments are not calculated under Balance Due.

Total Amount Due and Payable: Calculated total of the balance due minus pending payments.

Web Electronic Funds Transfer (WebEFT/Electronic Check/ACH Debit) – WebEFT (Electronic Check) is an electronic transfer of funds (ACH Debit) from your financial institution to the State Treasury.

We cannot change or delete electronic checks.

There is no convenience fee for this payment option.

Amount to Pay: This field will be pre-populated with the Amount Due. This is the amount that will be transferred from your bank account.

You can change the amount you will pay.

Type of Bank Account: You may select checking or savings account.

Name as appears on Bank Account: The exact spelling of your name as it appears on your account.

Bank Routing Number: The 9-digit bank routing number.

Bank Account Number: The bank account number.

Payment Effective Date: The date that the funds will be debited from the designated bank account. The payment effective date can be the current date or a future date, up to the due date of the report.

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