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Confirmation: Permits Requested

You have successfully submitted your request for duplicate permits to be printed and mailed to the mailing address listed on the screen. If you have requested multiple permits for a taxpayer account, all permits will be mailed together in one package.

Please print this page for your records.

A reference number is is displayed in the last column for each location listed. This reference number may be used to request status should you need to contact our office.

Permits are printed by our office each business day (excluding weekends and official federal and state holidays). If a permit is requested on a Friday, in most cases it will be printed and mailed the following Monday.

Permits requested prior to holidays will be printed on the next working day.

Arrival of your requested permit(s) depends on USPS delivery schedules.

One duplicate permit may be ordered every 30 days per location. For extenuating circumstances or questions about your business locations, contact us at 800-531-5441 ext. 3-0925.

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