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Sales Tax Permit RequirementsSales Tax Registration

We recommend you read the sales tax permit FAQ before you begin. You need to complete all the required fields. Have the information required on hand before you begin.

Another helpful resource is Start a Business in Texas on the Governor's site.

When you have completed the registration process, print the Online Tax Registration Summary page for your records.

Do I need a Sales Tax Permit?

Complete this application if you are engaged in business in Texas AND:

  • sell, lease or rent taxable goods
  • provide taxable services
  • OR, acquire taxable goods or taxable services from out-of-state suppliers that do not hold a Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit (use tax)

Who does not need a sales tax permit?

  • independent sales reps of direct sales organizations (direct sales organizations are required to collect sales tax from the independent distributors)
  • persons requesting a sales tax permit solely for the purpose of purchasing items at wholesale prices
  • persons registering for an Ag/Timber Exemption Number to purchase certain items used in the production of agricultural and timber products.

Already Have a Permit?

If you already have an active Sales Tax Permit, you can update your existing account:

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