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Select a Location

Active locations: Permit requests can only be made for locations that are in active/permitted status. If location information is missing or the count is incorrect, you can verify account status per location by visiting our Sales Taxpayer Search or calling 800-531-5441 ext. 3-0925 for additional information.

Filter: If your account has multiple locations, you can narrow the list of locations by entering any of the following:

  • location number
  • city
  • state
  • zip code
  • county

Then select the Filter button.

Clear Filter: Use the Clear Filter button to remove information you previously entered into the filter field.

Return to Menu: Use this button to go back to the Sales and Use Tax eSystems menu.

Select Location: Select all locations by checking the box in the header. Select individual locations by checking the box to the left of location number.

Continue: Displays the locations you selected. If no check box appears, a permit has been ordered recently as noted in the Last Permit Requested column.

One duplicate permit may be ordered every 30 days per location. For extenuating circumstances or questions about your business locations, contact us at 800-531-5441 ext. 3-0925.

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