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Energy Efficiency Best Practices Guide

Accelerating Energy Efficiency Program Deployment in Locally Governed Electric Service Areas

SECO, in partnership with the Texas Public Power Association (TPPA) and its members, and Nexant Inc. identified and catalogued energy efficiency best practices into a guide for locally governed electric service providers. The guide simplifies the development or enhancement of program initiatives specific to residential and commercial customers in a variety of electric service areas. The energy efficiency best practices allow decision makers to evaluate, select and implement the policies and programs that align best with local conditions and constraints.

TPPA coordinates an Energy Efficiency Working Group among its members that helped create the Best Practices Guide. In developing the Guide, SECO and TPPA identified 15 to 20 MOUs that represented the varied characteristics and needs of their collective membership. These MOUs serve a diverse service area, so there is no "one size fits all" application. SECO and the TPPA Energy Efficiency Working Group assisted in identifying successful and quantifiable programs to determine the most cost effective strategies.