Citi Virtual Card Accounts

Citi Virtual Card Accounts (VCA) offers the flexibility, robust control and enhanced-data capabilities to address a variety of needs within buying organizations. It can complement and help maximize growth of an existing commercial card program, or be used as a standalone solution to streamline purchasing. Citi VCA’s secure capabilities make it an ideal solution for Card-Not-Present transactions made online, via phone or mail order; it also forms the backbone of Citi Virtual Card Accounts for Account Payable, a file-based solution targeting post-invoice payments managed by Accounts Payable.

Increased security minimizes the risk of fraud and misuse To safeguard against misuse, the VCA solution generates a unique, plastic-less 16-digit virtual card number for each transaction. Each virtual card is issued with client-specified authorization controls that provide peace of mind for centralized purchasing needs, from everyday supplies to larger strategic purchases. Three interfaces — an easy-to-use website, batch-file process, or real-time Application Programming Interface (API) — are available to support a diverse set of opportunities.