Roadside Assistance

National Automobile Club (NAC) roadside assistance is available for fleet vehicles with a Voyager fuel card. Service charges will appear on the same monthly Voyager invoice for fuel.
Below is further information regarding NAC:

  • If your vehicle becomes disabled, a tow truck is dispatched to assist you 24 hours per day with one toll-free call: 1-800-934-6521.
  • Services include: Towing, Tire Change, Fuel Delivery, Battery Service, Lockout Service, Winching and Mechanical First Aid.
  • Services will be billed through the Voyager fuel card, with no out-of-pocket expense for the fleet driver.

Free NAC Materials Available To Voyager Program Participants

  • NAC Texas Rate Schedule
  • NAC/Voyager flyer
  • NAC glove box brochure is designed to conveniently fit in the vehicle glove box or fleet driver packet placed in the glove box.
  • NAC sticker is an electrostatic sticker to be placed on the vehicle window or windshield. It is designed to stick on the inside, facing out so that the driver can see the phone number to call in the event they are locked out of the vehicle.

If you are a fleet manager/program administrator and would like to receive NAC glove box brochures and/or window stickers at no charge, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Send an email request to NAC
  • Include your name, agency, phone number, and email.
  • Also, include the address for shipment of the brochures and/or stickers.
  • Indicate how many brochures and/or stickers you need.