Alcohol Sales Information Disclosure

Information about a retailer's net sales by quantity, brand and size is reported to the Comptroller's office, and the Comptroller must disclose this to qualified requestors. However, the Comptroller cannot disclose information it has received about products a requestor formerly distributed.

Who Can Request Alcohol Sales Information

Persons holding a wholesaler (W, X and LX), distributor (BB, BD and BC) or nonresident seller's (S) permit or license with the TABC can request from the Comptroller certain information about the products they distribute.

How to Request Alcohol Sales Information

To request alcohol sales information, you must register by completing Form AP-230, Certification of Eligibility to Request Data from the Alcohol Sales Report (PDF).

After successful registration, use eSystems to create a personal login account (or log in to an existing account) and submit a request.

Requests submitted Monday through Friday before 10 p.m. (CST) are usually available the next working day. Requests submitted after 10 p.m. Monday through Friday will be available in two working days. For example, a request submitted on Saturday will be available on Tuesday morning.

Request Sales information by Universal Product Code (UPC)

Requests for sales information are made by using the manufacturer's UPC. Using a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) code or other internal code will not return valid results.

Need Help?

Our Request Alcohol Sales Data Visual Guide (PDF) can help wholesalers, distributors and nonresident sellers request alcohol sales information.

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