Proper Check-Writing Procedures for Tax Payments

We want to credit your account with your tax payment as quickly as possible. You can help by making sure your check is completed properly. A sample check and written instructions are provided below to assist you.

check sample

Check-Writing Instructions

Identification on Check

In the top left corner of the check, please include the business or individual's name, address and a current phone number, so we can contact you if necessary.


Please provide the month, day and year in the date line on the check.

Pay to the Order of

Enter "Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts" on this line.

Amount of Check (Numeric and Written)

The numerical amount and written amount of the check must match.

Memo Field on Check

In the memo field of the check (bottom left corner) enter:

  • your 11-digit Texas Taxpayer Number, or
  • your 9-digit Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), and
  • tax type and filing period (for example, sales tax monthly return, Oct. 2012).

Omitting this information may slow payment processing.


Please be sure to sign your check.