Franchise Tax Credits

There are several ways for entities to earn franchise tax credits. Learn more about these options by selecting the links below. Note the expiration dates for each credit type.

Credit type Must establish credit by Carryforward
Qualified research and development activities Dec. 31, 2026 20-year credit carryforward
Historic structure rehabilitation No expiration date on establishing a credit 5-year credit carryforward
Clean energy projects
(Earliest possible date available is Sept. 1, 2018)
No expiration date on establishing a credit; Only 3 projects allowed 20-year credit carryforward
Economic development

1. Investments

2. Job creation

3. Research and development

Can no longer establish a credit

1. Expired Dec. 31, 2016

2. Expired Dec. 31, 2016

3. Credit carryforward expires Dec. 31, 2027

Temporary credit for Business Loss Carryfoward Can no longer establish a credit Unused credits cannot be carried forward to reports originally due on or after Sept. 1, 2027