Questionnaires for Franchise Tax Accountability

What is the Franchise Tax Accountability Questionnaire?

The Comptroller sets up a franchise tax account for your business based on information provided from the Texas Secretary of State and other sources. The Franchise Tax Accountability Questionnaire allows you to update your entity's information with us online. This includes providing a mailing address, as well as establishing the tax responsibility beginning date and determining the first report due date for non-Texas entities.

Who must file the questionnaire?

Texas corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and professional associations newly registered with the Texas Secretary of State; non-Texas corporations and limited liability companies newly registered with the Texas Secretary of State; and any other entity who has received a letter via mail from the Comptroller's office must complete the questionnaire online. The letter you received from the Comptroller's office contains the information you need to get started.

All other entities, whether Texas or non-Texas, must complete and submit a paper questionnaire.

Complete Your Questionnaire Using our Online Secure Login Portal

Before You Begin:

  • You will need to have the Texas taxpayer ID number and Webfile number that begins with FQ followed by six digits printed on the letter you received from the Comptroller's office.
  • Questionnaires for multiple accounts can be completed under one user ID. You need to add the taxpayer number and Webfile number for each account in order to complete the questionnaire.
  • Do not mail the confirmation copy; this is for your records only.

IMPORTANT: During the registration process, do NOT use your browser's back button or you may lose data you have entered.

Complete the Following Steps:

  • Select Webfile eSystems Login and "Create Profile." Returning users – log in and skip the next step.
  • To complete your profile setup, follow the prompts and receive an email with a validation link. Your profile is ready for login.
  • After login, scroll down to Popular Services and select "Complete Franchise Tax Accountability Questionnaire."
  • Enter your taxpayer number and select "Continue."
  • Enter your Webfile number from this letter and select "Continue."
  • Complete the Franchise Tax Accountability Questionnaire.

For help with any registration webpage you view in eSystems, click the HELP link in the top right corner.