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Appraisal Review Board Training

Due to the declared state of disaster, we discontinued holding in-person ARB training on March 13, 2020. We are working on a viable substitute for in-person ARB training that still meets the legal requirements for completion of the ARB training.

We will update this page with additional information as soon as it is available.

Tax Code Section 5.041 requires the Comptroller's office to approve curricula, provide materials and supervise the training of ARB members. New ARB members are not allowed to participate in hearings or vote on protest determinations until they complete the Comptroller's training course and a statement at the conclusion of the training session agreeing to comply with Tax Code requirements during ARB hearings.

Returning ARB members must complete the Comptroller's continuing education training course and a statement agreeing to comply with Tax Code requirements each year they serve. Please note that because of this requirement, an ARB member beginning the second year of his or her first term is not eligible to participate in hearings or vote on determinations of protest until he or she completes these requirements.

The 86th Legislative Session resulted in new eligibility requirements for ARB members. ARB members may not be related by third degree by blood or second degree by marriage to a member of the ARB.

Please ensure that ARB members are timely registered for training sessions that allow them to complete the training requirements prior to the scheduling of ARB hearings. An ARB member who fails to timely complete the course and statement is not eligible to participate in hearings, vote on a determination of protest or be reappointed to an additional term. Any attendee who is disruptive, disrespectful or otherwise impedes or interferes with the training, will be asked to leave immediately and will not be issued a certificate.