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Checklist for Submission of Educational Course for Approval Review

This checklist is to help verify submission of all materials required to obtain approval. If any of these items is not submitted, an explanation as to its omission should be provided. If items are missing without explanation, the course may be returned with a request for further information. The 90-day submission does not begin until all course materials are received.

Requestor: _____________________________________________________________

Requestor Contact Info.: __________________________________________________

Name of Course: ________________________________________________________

Initial Course Checklist
Activity Check When Complete

Course is presentation ready.

Course must be ready for presentation when submitted for approval. Notes, drafts and research pertaining to a course will not be accepted in lieu of presentation and materials, but can be submitted as additional materials


Course is submitted in electronic format.

This submission method is required.


Request includes method of course delivery and proposed delivery dates.

Methods of delivery include classroom, online or self-study.


Request includes number of continuing education units and for which category sought.

The number of continuing education units sought might be different than the actual course hours.


Request is submitted with full materials, not just an overview.

The following materials represent minimum submission requirements:

• entire presentation-ready course  
• timed agenda  
• learning objectives  
• course overview or description  
• course outline  
• course review  
• copies of or electronic links to statutes, laws, rules or standards being taught  
• course activities, examples or case studies  
• course quizzes and examinations  
• instructor qualifications  
• instructor materials  
• course ownership policies  

Requestor name and contact information.

Requestor's name and contact information must be provided (above) for questions, requests or additional information and determination of approval process.