Maquiladora Taxpayer Search

Search our records to find out if a maquiladora enterprise has an active maquiladora export permit. The permit allows the maquiladora enterprise to buy items they will export to Mexico without paying sales tax.

Sellers must get a properly completed Texas Maquiladora Exemption Certificate (PDF) along with a copy of the export permit from the maquiladora enterprise. See Rule 3.358, Maquiladoras.

Sellers are not required to confirm an entity's permit status to accept a maquiladora exemption certificate.

You can search by an entity’s Texas taxpayer number or name.

Taxpayer Number Search

Enter the entity’s 11-digit Texas taxpayer identification number without any dashes or spaces. For example, enter 1-23-4567890-1 as 12345678901.

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Entity Name search can be narrowed by combining this search with a city name below.

The database is updated nightly to provide the most current information. If you are unable to find an entity that you believe has a valid maquiladora export permit, contact us at Tax Help or call 800-252-5555.