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Mixed Beverage Tax Comparison Summary - Cities by County

Beginning February 2021 the mixed beverage allocation is distributed monthly. Prior to this the allocation was distributed on a quarterly basis.

Download and further analyze current and historic data using the Texas Open Data Center.

The following cities received mixed beverage tax revenue from permit holders located in the city.

Note: Cities located in more than one county will be listed in each county the city is in. The mixed beverage tax revenue listed for the city in a particular county is from permit holders located in the part of the city in the listed county. The total mixed beverage tax revenue for a city in multiple counties can be found at Cities Located In Multiple Counties or Cities Listed Alphabetically. Hold shift to sort on multiple columns.

Combined Gross Receipts Tax and Sales Tax
County City Net Payment This Period Comparable Payment Prior Year % Change Payment YTD Prior Year Payment YTD % Change
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