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Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts


Special Purpose District Public Information Database

The Comptroller’s office has posted an online database containing financial and tax information from various special purpose districts across the state (as required by Section 403.0241, Government Code.)

The Special Purpose District Public Information Database (SPDPID) is updated continuously and provides self-reported information from the districts.

How does the SPDPID work?

SPDs that meet the reporting requirements annually submit their information to the Comptroller. SPDs may update or adjust their submitted information at any point. The Comptroller will review and post these reports to the online database. The database provides public access to these annual reports and allows users to view any of the information submitted. The database can also be downloaded directly from

What information is in the SPDPID?

Detailed information needed to operate and update the database is listed in Government Code Section 403.0241, Subsection (c):

This includes:

  • the name of the special purpose district;
  • the name of each board member of the special purpose district;
  • contact information for the main office of the special purpose district, including the physical address, the mailing address, and the main telephone number;
  • contact information for:
    • the general manager or executive director, if applicable;
    • a person representing any contracted utility operator, if applicable;
    • contact information for any contracted tax assessor-collector, if applicable;
    • the special purpose district's website address, if applicable;
  • financial information described by Section 140.008(b) or (g), Local Government Code;
  • bond information
  • the rate of any sales and use tax the special purpose district imposes;
  • any ad valorem tax rates;
  • a link to a website with a plain-language description of how a resident may petition board meetings to be held within10 miles from the boundary of the district.

The information must be updated annually by reporting entities. The information presented on the SPDPID is self-reported by submitting entities or third parties on their behalf and has not been independently verified by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Specific questions or concerns regarding an entity's submitted information should be directed to that entity.

Does the SPDPID include reports from all special purpose districts in the state?

No. The database may not include some SPDs from across the state because the entity either did not meet the reporting criteria or failed to submit a report to the Comptroller.

The database includes information only from entities that meet criteria outlined in Government Code Section 403.0241, Subsection (b) and who have reported to the Comptroller.

For other questions regarding this reporting requirement, please email us at or call 844-519-5676.