Texas state agencies utilize statewide contracts established by the Comptroller's Office and the Department of Information Resources. Agencies are also authorized to establish individual contracts for services and goods not on statewide contracts. Contract bids and awards valued over $25,000 for commodities and over $100,000 for services are posted on the Electronic State Business Daily. The Legislative Budget Board oversees contract reporting and provides a searchable online database for awarded state contracts.

Legislative Budget Board Searchable Database of Texas Contracts

The Legislative Budget Board maintains the master database of all state government contracts that meet certain criteria.

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  • contracts for $14,000 or more for consulting services as defined by Section 2254.021(1), Government Code;
  • contracts for $14,000 or more for professional services as defined by Section 2254.002(2), Government Code;
  • contracts for $14,000 or more for construction services;
  • contracts for $100,000 or more for major information systems as defined by Section 2054.008, Government Code; or
  • contracts for $50,000 or more for goods or services that are not consulting services, professional services, construction services or major information systems.

You can use this database to search Texas state contracts by document type, fiscal year, agency, vendor and value.

Statewide Contracts

The Comptroller’s Statewide Procurement Division (SPD) develops statewide contracts for non-IT products and services to streamline purchasing for state agencies, institutions of higher education and other state government entities.

Department of Information Resources (DIR) Contracts

DIR develops statewide contracts for information technology-related products and services.

Texas Comptroller's Public Contract Listing

In accordance with Section 2261.253 of the Texas Government Code, this list contains active private vendor contracts with the Comptroller of Public Accounts since September 1, 2015 that are not posted to the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) website.