Certification Revenue Estimate 2010-11

Table 3

General Revenue-Related Balances and Available Revenue
Balances (in Millions)
FY2009 Beginning General Revenue Fund Cash $3,900  
Less: Dedicated Oil Overcharge Account (68)  
Less: Dedicated Lottery Account (124)  
Less: Constitutionally Dedicated Victims of Crime Accounts (50)  
Less: Trust Accounts (4)  
Less: Federal Elections Improvement Account (41)  
Less: Texas Enterprise Account (241)  
Less: Emerging TechNology Account (135)  
Less: Reserve for EcoNomic Stabilization Fund Transfer (870)  
FY2009 Beginning Balances in Funds 2 and 3 60  
FY2009 Balances Available for Certification   $2,427
Revenues (in Millions)
FY2010-11 Estimated Tax Collections $67,451  
FY2010-11 Estimated Other Revenue 8,768  
Total FY2010-11 Estimated Net Revenue   $76,219
Other Adjustments (in Millions)
Change in Dedicated General Revenue Account Balances $240  
Reserve for EcoNomic Stabilization Fund Transfers (1,179)  
Total FY2010-11 Estimated Available Revenues and Balances   $77,708
Less FY2010-11 Estimated Expenditures   (77,624)
FY2010-11 Ending Certification Balance   $84

Note : Totals may not sum because of rounding.
SOURCE : Susan Combs, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.