Certification Revenue Estimate 2014-15

Table 2 – General Revenue-Related Spending in the 2014-15 Biennium
(In Millions of Dollars)

Object Millions of Dollars
General Appropriations Act* $94,609
Method of Finance Reclassifications and Other Adjustments, net** $555
Emergency Appropriations and Reductions, and Other Legislation Making Appropriations, net***  $1,146
Total $96,310

* Conference Committee Report for SB 1, 83rd Legislature, Regular Session.
** Includes net amounts associated with the method of finance reclassification in SB 1 and also includes the cost to General Revenue to replace losses of revenue to the Property Tax Relief Fund relating to the passage of HB 800, HB 2451, and HB 500, 83rd Legislature, Regular Session. Disbursement of costs associated with the contingency in Section 2 of HB 500 (171.0022(d)) is assumed to occur in fiscal 2015 upon certification, on or after September 1, 2014, that sufficient revenue is available.
*** Includes appropriations made in HB 10, HB 1025, and HB 3188, 83rd Legislature, Regular Session.
Note: Totals may not sum because of rounding.
SOURCE: Susan Combs, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.