Certification Revenue Estimate 2016-17

Table 3 – General Revenue-Related Balances and Available Revenue
(in millions of dollars)

Fiscal 2016 Cash Balances
Beginning General Revenue Fund Account 1 $5,608
Less: Transfers for Economic Stabilization and State Highway Funds ($2,269)
Beginning Foundation School Account $97
Beginning Tobacco Settlement Account $109
Beginning Balances in General Revenue Dedicated Accounts $5,305
Less: Dedicated Oil Overcharge Account ($81)
Less: Dedicated Lottery Account ($219)
Less: Texas Enterprise Account ($193)
Less: Emerging Technology Account ($131)
Less: Constitutionally Dedicated Victims of Crime Accounts ($59)
Less: Texas Military Revolving Account ($0)
Less: Federal Elections Improvement Account ($9)
Less: Judicial and Court Personnel Training Fund Account ($4)
Less: BP Oil Spill Texas Response Grant Fund Account ($4)
Beginning Balances in Funds 2 and 3 $192
Balances Available for Certification $8,342
Fiscal 2016-17 Revenue
Estimated Tax Collections $93,134
Estimated Other Revenue Collections $12,633
Total Estimated Net Revenue $105,767
Fiscal 2016-17 Other Adjustments
Change in Dedicated General Revenue Account Balances ($1,126)
Reserve for Economic Stabilization and State Highway Funds Transfers ($2,669)
Total Fiscal 2016-17 Estimated Available Revenue and Balances $110,313
Less: Fiscal 2016-17 Estimated Expenditures ($106,222)
Fiscal 2016-17 Ending Certification Balance $4,091

Note: Totals may not sum because of rounding.
SOURCE: Glenn Hegar, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.