The Comptroller’s latest data visualization tools turn otherwise complicated data into easy-to-understand graphics, to help you understand how your tax dollars are spent now and in the past.

Current Fiscal Year Expenditures

Start with a look at state spending by major category, then drill down to subcategories for more specific data.
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Previous Fiscal Years’ Expenditures

See how annual state net expenditures compare over the past five years.
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Spending by Agency and Payee

Search the state check register by fiscal year to reveal state spending by agency, payee and expenditure.
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Payments to Payee

Get a close-up view of the payees paid by state agencies, how much they were paid and when.
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Travel Payments

View state agency travel expenses and access payment details.
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Explore Economic Development Funds

Provides a look at economic development spending by fund, expenditure category and recipient.
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