Vendor Feedback/Incident Form

The State Travel Management Program (STMP) establishes contracts with travel vendors to provide state employees on official state business with discounted travel services. Once contracts are awarded, it is important to monitor the performance of vendors to ensure contract compliance and recognize outstanding service.

This Vendor Feedback/Incident Form is designed for state employees and/or travel coordinators to provide detailed information regarding vendor services and to seek assistance from STMP staff for problem resolution when initial attempts have failed. All problems should be brought to the attention of state agency travel coordinators before seeking the assistance of the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA) to ensure adherence to policies and CPA procedures unique to each state agency. Although it is not required, CPA recommends that state agency travel coordinators submit this form.

The form should be completed by filling in each block with the information requested and entering "Not Applicable" whenever necessary. STMP staff will seek a successful resolution to each problem in order to maintain the integrity of vendor contracts. Individuals requesting assistance will be contacted for additional information (if needed) and provided a final status report (if applicable). Vendor Feedback/Incident forms will be acknowledged within 3 business days after receipt and state agency travel coordinators will receive copies of all forms submitted by personnel in their state agency. The CPA Customer Service Representative may be contacted at 512-463-3435 or by e-mail.