April 2018

Emergency Preparation Supplies Sales Tax HolidayApril 29 - 30, 2018

Texans know the weather can change in an instant. And with all the severe weather we’ve endured in the past year, we hope there’s a big turnout to shop the list of qualified emergency preparation supplies while they're tax free this weekend. Our office estimates Texans will save more than 1.5 million dollars in state and local sales taxes during the three-day tax holiday.

Compras Libres de Impuestos en Provisiones de Emergencia28 al 30 de abril del 2018

Los tejanos saben que el clima puede cambiar en un instante. Y con todo el clima severo del año pasado, esperamos que haya una gran participación para comprar los artículos permitidos en provisiones de emergencia este fin de semana. Nuestra oficina estima que los tejanos ahorrarán más de 1.5 millones de dólares en impuestos de ventas estatales y locales durante los tres días sin impuestos.

March 2018

Good for Texas Tour - Women in the Workforce EditionMarch 8, 2018

You know, I think the data suggests that women add another dimension to any company, in terms of leadership positions. And so, if you want a diverse team – which is also desirable – then it’s logical to have women and men working together. I mean…it’s…why would you leave 50% of your opportunity or 50% of your intellect? Why would you not tap into that? (MP3)

October 2017

Certification Revenue EstimateOctober 10, 2017

The diversity of the Texas economy, coupled with conservative fiscal management and strengthening in the oil and gas sector, allowed the state economy to return to its normal pattern of growth, which exceeds that of the national economy. (MP3)

Good for Texas Tour: Manufacturing Edition

  • And it’s pretty phenomenal to know that Texas as a state, a 1.7 trillion-dollar economy, is literally the 10th largest economy in the entire world. (MP4)

  • That alone is larger than the economy of Portugal, which is pretty phenomenal, just the manufacturing [alone]. (MP4)

  • And so, if you look here in the state of Texas overall, employment is over 850,000 people employed throughout the entire state of Texas, all 254 counties. And then on top of that, there are another 2.2 million people that have jobs indirectly. (MP4)

  • Texas exports more value of product as a state than any of the other 49 states in the nation. (MP4)

  • So, a third of all of our export that goes out of the state of Texas is directly contributed to manufacturing. (MP4)

  • Just in the course of the last decade or more, you’ve had several companies that have located to Texas, several notable companies and smaller companies, and have brought with them over $6 billion worth of investment. (MP4)

  • And if you added up the second state for exports, which is California, and added up the third state, which is the state of Washington, they don’t equal the exports that come out of Texas. (MP4)

April 2017

Our Bond Election Roundup portal is a key element in our local transparency efforts. It gives Texas taxpayers important information on debt proposals before they go to the polls. (MP3)

Unfortunately, we can’t predict when the next fire, flood or tornado may strike. But we can be prepared, and this tax holiday helps Texans save money while stocking up for emergency situations before they happen. (MP3)

State sales tax revenue totaled $2.24 billion in March — 3 percent more than in March 2016. This net growth represents mixed performances by major industry sectors. Manufacturing, wholesale trade and information sectors increased, while receipts from construction, retail trade and restaurants declined from last year’s levels. (MP3)

March 2017

Growth in sales tax revenue was due to increased collections from most sectors of the economy. While tax collections from oil and gas money remain subdued, receipts from telecommunications, construction and the service sector, plus retail and wholesale trade, increased significantly. (MP3)

January 2017

Biennial Revenue Press EventJanuary 09, 2017

  • Our projections are based on the expectation of moderate expansion in the Texas economy and renewed growth in state revenue collections. For general purpose spending in 2018-19, we estimate that state revenue available spending will be $104.9 billion. (MP3)
  • Pursuant to Proposition 7, we are projecting allocations to the State Highway Fund of about $2.2 billion in 2018, and $2.5 billion in 2019. (MP3)
  • We expect sales tax collections of about $62 billion in the coming biennium, but only $57.3 billion will be available for general purpose spending. (MP3)
  • While the downturn in the energy sector has been a drag on the Texas economy’s growth over the last two years, our state’s diverse economy has allowed us to weather the storm much better than other states with large energy industries. (MP3)
  • Despite the downturn in the oil and gas industry, Texas has gained 210,000 jobs in the last year. (MP3)

January 2015

Biennial Revenue Press EventJanuary 12, 2015

Listen to the Biennial Revenue Estimate press conference. (MP3)