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Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

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Biennial Revenue Estimate: A Closer Look
January, 2017

Biennial Revenue Estimate: A Closer Look (PDF)

Biennial Revenue Estimate


The Biennial Revenue Estimate is issued by the Comptroller at the start of every legislative session before Texas legislators begin budgeting for the next biennium. The estimate tells lawmakers how much they can spend, which in turn affects every Texan.

Revenue Available for General Purpose Spending

In Billions of Dollars

Revenue 2016-172018-19
General Revenue-Related (GR-R) Revenues from Sales Taxes (Before allocation to State Highway Fund) $56.83 $61.97
Sales Taxes Allocated to State Highway Fund minus$0.00 minus$4.71*

* In 2015, voters approved Proposition 7, which requires the Comptroller to direct some tax revenues to the State Highway Fund starting in fiscal 2018.

Net GR-R Revenues from
Sales Taxes
equals$56.83 equals$57.26
Other GR-R Revenues plus$45.61 plus$49.21
Total GR-R Revenues equals$102.45 equals$106.47 SUBTOTAL
Beginning Balance (Funds carried forward from 2016) plus$7.29 plus$1.53
Total GR-R Revenue &Fund Balances equals$109.73 equals$108.00 SUBTOTAL
Revenue Reserved for Transfers to the Economic Stabilization and State Highway Funds minus$2.0 minus$3.13
Total Revenue Available for General-Purpose Spending equals$107.73 equals$104.87 TOTAL

General Revenue-Related Revenues

General Revenue-Related Revenues
Revenue SourcePercent of Total
Motor Vehicle Sales and
Rental Taxes
Oil Production Tax4.4%
Francise Tax5.6%
Natural Gas Production Tax1.6%
Sales Taxes53.8%
All Other State Taxes10.5%
Fees, Investments and
Other Non-Tax Revenue

Annual Net Sales Tax Collections

Annual Net Sales Tax Collections In Billions of Dollars
Year All Funds General Revenue-Related
2004 $15.42 $15.36
2005 $16.31 $16.25
2006 $18.28 $18.20
2007 $20.27 $20.18
2008 $21.60 $21.52
2009 $21.01 $20.94
2010 $19.63 $19.56
2011 $21.48 $21.40
2012 $24.19 $24.10
2013 $25.94 $25.84
2014 $27.39 $27.27
2015 $28.91 $28.79
2016 $28.25 $28.14
2017 $28.80 $28.70
2018 $30.38 $28.07
2019 $31.81 $29.20
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