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Local Government Team

Businesses: Contact the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Tourism

Local Governments, EDCs and Chambers of Commerce:

  • Learn about the Comptroller's Data Analysis and Transparency Division’s Local Government Assistance.
  • Find your subject matter expert below to talk to a contact focused on your topic. Or, call us toll-free at 800-531-5441, ext. 3-4679, or email us.
  • Visit Regional Economic Data page to run regional economic reports.

The Comptroller’s Data Analysis and Transparency Division’s Local Government Assistance Team is here to assist you with your questions.

Section Contact Phone Number
Economic Development Russell Gallahan 512-463-6073
Frank Alvarez 512-936-9231
Heather Hampton 512-936-1866
Local Sales Tax Options Russell Gallahan 512-463-6073
Frank Alvarez 512-936-9231
Tax Code Chapter 311 & 312 Frank Alvarez 512-936-9231
Local Government Manager John Villarreal 512-463-5241
General Inquiries Economic Development and Local Government Teams 800-531-5441 ext. 3-4679

Data Analysis Team

See our work online: read issues of Fiscal Notes or our in-depth reports on the state economy. Questions? Find your subject matter expert below to talk to a contact focused on your topic or call us toll-free at 800-531-5441 .

Section Subject Contact(s) Phone
Business and Industry Texas Workforce Commission, training, career readiness, regulation, insurance, occupational licensing, rural development, financial services, labor, employment, rural communities, housing market, unemployment David Green 512-475-4657
Shannon Halbrook 512-305-9812
Cross-Governmental Issues Information technology, state lands and facilities, state employees, Article IX, legislature, Sunset Commission Spencer Grubbs 512-305-9818
Shannon Halbrook 512-305-9812
Economic Analysis State and regional economic analysis utilizing demographic, job, business and industry data TJ Costello (state) 512-463-3793
David Green (regional) 512-475-4657
Health and Human Services Health and Human Services Commission, Department of Aging and Disability Services, Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, Department of State Health Services, Department of Family and Protective Services, Medicare, health care, health insurance, TANF, WIC, mental health, chronic disease, wellness David Green 512-475-4657
Spencer Grubbs 512-305-9818
Higher Education All institutions of higher education, university systems, Coordinating Board, Hazlewood Act, Texas Tomorrow Fund, Higher Education Fund, research institutions Jessica Donald 512-475-0498
Olga Garza 512-475-0939
Military and Veterans Texas Military Department, Veterans' Commission, Texas Military Preparedness Commission, Veterans' Land Board, military installations TJ Costello 512-463-3793
Natural Resources Agriculture, energy, water, environmental issues Lisa Minton 512-463-9571
Spencer Grubbs 512-305-9818
Public Education Public, private and charter schools, Texas Education Agency, Teacher Retirement System, State Board of Education, schools for the deaf and blind, school finance, early childhood education Olga Garza 512-475-0939
Jessica Donald 512-475-0498
Public Safety and Criminal Justice Corrections, law enforcement, border, juvenile justice, immigration, judicial, Department of Public Safety, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Texas Juvenile Justice Department Spencer Grubbs 512-305-9818
TJ Costello 512-463-3793
State Finances Appropriations, bonds, pensions, debt, spending, investments, tax policy, State Auditor's Office, Legislative Budget Board, Bond Review Board Shannon Halbrook 512-305-9812
Lisa Minton 512-463-9571
Transportation Texas Department of Transportation, state and federal highway funding, mass transit, Department of Motor Vehicles TJ Costello 512-463-3793
Shannon Halbrook 512-305-9812
Fiscal Note Coordinator Lisa Minton 512-463-9571
Data Analysis Manager Greg Conte 512-463-7611

Natural Resources Program Staff

Title Name/Email Phone
Manager Meghan Hope 512-936-8554
Contract Specialist Melissa Salmon 512-463-4676
Senior Research Analyst Chelsea Jones
SME on: desert massasauga, spot-tailed earless lizard, Matagorda Bay
Senior Research Analyst Colin McDonald
SME on: freshwater mussels, Texas kangaroo rat, black-spotted newt, Rio Grande cooter
Research Analyst Lauren Borland
SME on: plains spotted skunk, monarch butterfly, western chicken turtle

For general species research questions, contact:

For general dunes sagebrush lizard questions, contact:

Chapter 313

See all 313 Value Limitation documents here. Questions? Find an analyst below to inquire about a specific project. Or, call us toll-free at 800-531-5441.

Name/Email Phone
Stephanie Jones 512-463-4594
Gary Price 512-463-3993
Annette Holmes 512-475-3792
Deisy Perez 512-475-2410
Desiree Caufield 512-936-8597
Ginger Flowers 512-474-0552
Michelle Luera 512-463-6053
Tabita Collazo 512-475-5626
John Villarreal (Manager) 512-463-5241
313 Team Mailbox 800-531-5441 ext. 3-4679

Transparency Team

Please visit the Comptroller's Transparency website to learn more about how the state and various local governments spend public tax dollars. Have a question about a specific transparency program? Use the table below to contact a team member to help. General questions? Call us at 844-519-5676 or email our team and we’ll be sure to assist with any transparency-related needs.

Title Name/Email Phone
Transparency Analyst Jodee Bruce 512-463-5286
Transparency Analyst Michael Gibson 512-936-0622
Team Lead Leslie Lawson 512-463-3742
Manager Greg Conte 512-463-7611
Open Records Request Not Applicable