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Local Government Team

The Comptroller’s Data Analysis and Transparency Division’s Local Government Assistance Team is here to assist you with your questions.

Businesses: Contact the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Tourism.

Local Governments, EDCs and Chambers of Commerce:

Local Government Subject Matter Experts
Section Contact Phone Number
Local Government & Transparency Supervisor Russell Gallahan 512-463-6073
Chapter 380/381 Agreements & Legislative Liaison Heather Hampton 512-936-1866
Property Tax Abatement & Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Frank Alvarez 512-936-9231
General Inquiries Local Government Team 844-519-5672

Data Analysis Team

See our work:

Questions? Find your subject matter expert below or call us at 800-531-5441.

Data Analysis Subject Matter Experts
Section Subject Contact(s) Phone
Natural Resources Agriculture, water, state lands, natural disasters, land use, environmental issues Lisa Minton 512-463-9571
Brandon Vasquez 512-936-6350
Economic Development Career training and readiness, rural economic development, Chapter 313, business relocations and expansions TJ Costello 512-463-3793
David Green 512-475-4657
Astrid Alvarado 512-463-4163
Business and Industry Regulation Financial services, business regulation, unemployment insurance, occupational licensing, workforce development Jamie Falconnier 512-463-4886
Moise Julot 512-463-4476
Cross-Governmental Issues Information technology, state lands and facilities, state employees, General Government, legislature, Sunset Commission Lisa Minton 512-463-9571
Brandon Vasquez 512-936-6350
Demographic and Economic Analysis State and regional economic analysis utilizing demographic, employment and unemployment data, business and industry data; trade; housing market; economic impact analysis TJ Costello 512-463-3793
David Green 512-475-4657
Health and Human Services Medicaid and Medicare, health care spending, health insurance, TANF, WIC, mental health, chronic disease, wellness Brandon Vasquez 512-936-6350
Moise Julot 512-463-4476
Higher Education All institutions of higher education, university systems, research institutions Moise Julot 512-463-4476
Morgan Hecht 512-463-4921
Military and Veterans Military installations; Federal funding; Texas Military Department; Veterans' Commission; Texas Military Preparedness Commission; Veterans' Land Board TJ Costello 512-463-3793
Jamie Falconnier 512-463-4886
Agriculture Issues concerning plant cultivation and livestock production in the state Lisa Minton 512-463-9571
Energy Oil, gas and coal; renewable sources; Energy market fundamentals; ERCOT Lisa Minton 512-463-9571
Morgan Hecht 512-463-4921
Public Education Public, private and charter schools; school finance; early childhood education; schools for the deaf and blind; Texas Education Agency, Teacher Retirement System, State Board of Education Astrid Alvarado 512-463-4163
Morgan Hecht 512-463-4921
Public Safety and Criminal Justice Corrections, law enforcement, border, juvenile justice, immigration, judicial, Department of Public Safety, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Texas Juvenile Justice Department TJ Costello 512-463-3793
Moise Julot 512-463-4476
State Finances Appropriations, bonds, pensions, debt, spending, investments, tax policy, State Auditor's Office, Legislative Budget Board, Bond Review Board Lisa Minton 512-463-9571
Morgan Hecht 512-463-4921
Transportation Texas Department of Transportation, state and federal highway funding, mass transit, Department of Motor Vehicles TJ Costello 512-463-3793
Moise Julot 512-463-4476
Fiscal Notes Coordinator Lisa Minton 512-463-9571
Data Analysis Team Lead David Green 512-475-4657
Data Analysis Manager Olga Garza 512-475-0939

Chapter 313

View the 313 Value Limitation documents .

Questions? Find an analyst below to inquire about a specific project, or call us at 800-531-5441.

Chapter 313 Team
Section Contact(s) Phone
Chapter 313 Manager John Villarreal 512-463-5241
Chapter 313 Team Lead Stephanie Jones 512-463-4594
Customer Service Annette Holmes512-475-3792
Reporting Database & Jobs Reporting Deisy Perez512-475-2410
Fiscal Notes & Agreement Review Desiree Caufield512-936-8597
Web Postings, Forms & PIR Liaison Ginger Flowers512-474-0552
Forms, Web Postings & Jobs Reporting Jo Ann Reyes512-475-0416
All Reporting & Legislative Analysis Michelle Luera512-463-6053
508 Compliance Nicholas Valles512-463-3017
Mapping & Jobs Reporting Tabita Collazo512-475-5626
General inquiries Chapter 313 Team 800-531-5441 ext. 3-4594

Transparency Team

Please visit Transparency to learn more about how the state and various local governments spend public tax dollars.

Have a question about a specific transparency program? Use the table below to contact a team member.

General questions? Call us at 844-519-5676 or email our team and we’ll be sure to assist you.

Transparency Team
Section Contact(s) Phone
Local Government & Transparency Supervisor Russell Gallahan 512-463-6073
Transparency - Economic Development Sales Tax Sherron Cook 512-463-8099
Transparency - Transparency Stars Brittany Henry 512-475-5667
Transparency Analyst Dan Knight 512-475-0248
Transparency Analyst Eloy "Henry" Del Bosque 512-463-4689
Transparency - Lead Analyst Justin Gamboa 512-463-0085
General inquiries Transparency Team844-519-5676
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