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Biennial Reports and Other Abatement Reports

Biennial Reports

The reported information from each appraisal district is maintained in a registry of reinvestment zones and tax abatements and compiled into a biennial report.

The report is completed no later than Dec. 31 of each even-numbered year and submitted to the legislature and to the governor. The report includes a summary of the information reported under this section.

Tax Abatement (TA Logs)

  • November 2018 Tax Abatement List (XLSX)

    Note: This spreadsheet contains information on old “Payroll Dollars Created,” and new “Payroll Dollars Created.” Form 50-276 used prior to June 2018 would capture information in a single field where a number would be provided regarding “old” FTEs and “old” Payroll Dollars Created without indicating what years those numbers applied to or for how many years those numbers would apply. Form 50-276 used since June 2018 encourages local governments to indicate the number of “new” FTEs and “new” Payroll Dollars Created for each and every year the abatement is provided.

  • March 2018 Tax Abatement List (XLSX)

TIRZ Financials Combined by County Report

Abatement Employment Report

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