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Franchise ActivitesFranchise Tax

Provide us with all the business activities this organization conducts in Texas. Select the applicable business activities and provide the start date for each of the business activities in Texas using the format MM/DD/YY.

Definitions of Activities

Place of business: Maintain a place of business, manufacturing plant, office, warehouse or retail outlet, owned or leased

Performance of a contract with its own employees, local labor or subcontracted with another

Delivering items sold and delivered into Texas with company vehicles

Warranty work with own employees or third party

Real property in Texas: Hold, acquire, lease or dispose of any Texas property

Personal property: Hold, acquire, lease, install, erect, modify, maintain, repair or dispose of personal property used or located in Texas

General partner in a general partnership or limited partnership that is doing business in Texas

Shows: Staging of or participation in shows, theatrical performances, sporting events or other events in Texas

Inventory: Storing goods in Texas including consigned goods, spot inventory for convenient delivery

Loan production activities: Solicit sales/loan contracts, gathering financial data, makes credit checks, collecting accounts, repossessing or other financial activities in Texas with own employees, independent contractors or agents

Solicitation: Having employees, contractors, agents or others promote or induce sales of a foreign entity's goods or service

Employees/independent representatives including temporary employees, contractors, agents

Processing, manufacturing and storing goods: Assembling, processing, manufacturing or storing goods in Texas

Processing and shipment: Send materials to Texas manufacturer, processor, repairer or printer to be processed, stored in completed form awaiting orders for shipment

Advertising: Enter Texas to purchase, place or display advertising when it is for the benefit of another in the ordinary course of business

Provide a service through employees, independent contractors, agents or other representatives

Sell and license software in Texas

Federal enclave: Doing business in Texas even if the area is leased, owned or controlled by the federal government

Holding company: Maintain place of business, manage, direct and/or perform services for subsidiaries or related entities

Transportation: Carry passengers or property with pickup and delivery in Texas; have Texas facilities, employees or other representatives for storage, delivery, shipping of goods; servicing, maintaining, repairing vehicles or other equipment; coordinating/directing the transportation of passengers or property or any other business

Franchisors: Contracts where a franchisee is granted the right to engage in business under a marketing plan/system substantially prescribed by the franchisor or if franchisee's business is substantially associated with the franchisor's brand, service mark or other commercial symbol

These descriptions are based on Rule 3.586 .

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