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Permits, Licenses and Tax AccountsFranchise Tax Questionnaire

Secretary of State Registration Date: This field displays only to out of state organizations registered with the Texas Secretary of State. The field does not apply and does not display for other organizations.

Select the Yes button if the date the organization started its business in Texas is the same date as their registration with the Texas Secretary of State.

Select No if the organization started doing business in Texas before or after the date that it registered with the Texas Secretary of State.

Permits, Licenses or Tax Accounts

For each permit, license or tax account the organization has with the Comptroller's office, use the drop down list to make a selection and enter the assigned taxpayer number for the account. (11 digits)

View different types of tax permits, licenses or tax accounts administered by the Texas Comptroller.

The Return to Tax Menu button takes you to the start of another questionnaire.

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