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Telecom Rebate Summary

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Claim Information

* Required: Indicates a required field.

Taxpayer Number: 11 digit taxpayer number you entered.

Taxpayer Name: Name for the taxpayer account you entered.

Rebate Request Year: Eligible period for transactions.

Claim type: Select either Provider or Subsidiary.

  • Provider: Provides cable television service, Internet access service, or telecommunications services.
  • Subsidiary: A company that is completely or partly owned by another corporation.

For more information, refer to Sales Tax Refunds for Providers of Cable Television, Internet Access or Telecommunications Services.

Provider Taxpayer Number (* if subsidiary): If Subsidiary is selected above, you must provide the Provider’s 11-digit Texas Sales and Use Tax number.

Provider Taxpayer Name (* if subsidiary): If Subsidiary is selected above, you must provide the Provider’s legal name.

Industry: Check each type of industry that applies. At least one selection is required.

Total Taxable Amount on Qualifying Purchases: Enter the total of the taxable amount column for all purchases that qualify for refund under Texas Tax Code Section 151.3186. Multiple refund claims will not be accepted. The amount entered will be entered into the Comptroller’s database as the basis for your refund claim.

Total Sales Tax Rebate Amount Requested: Enter the total of your refund claim. The refund applies to the 6.25 percent state sales and use tax only and does not apply to local sales and use tax.

Contact Information: Provide contact information for the person the comptroller’s office should contact regarding this refund claim. If the contact is not an employee of the entity requesting the refund, please ensure that appropriate written authorization (such as a Limited Power of Attorney) is available upon request.

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