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Apply for a Scholarship

The Texas Match the Promise Foundation℠ accepts scholarship applications postmarked Sept. 1 through Dec. 31.

How to Apply for a Match the Promise Foundation Scholarship

  • Confirm your child's eligibility.
  • Read the Matching Scholarship and Tuition Grant Description and Application Instructions for details about the program, contribution requirements and application process.
  • Provide the information requested on the application. Please note the parent or legal guardian who claimed the child as a dependent on his or her most recently filed federal income tax return must sign and submit the application.
  • Have your child research his or her chosen career and write an essay after reviewing the instructions for the student career essay.
  • Obtain a copy of your child's report card or transcript for the entire previous school year.
  • Mail the completed application along with your child's career essay and school transcript to the following address:

    Match the Promise Foundation
    Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
    111 E. 17th Street / P.O. Box 13232
    Austin, TX 78711-3232
Applying for multiple children

Parents and legal guardians applying on behalf of more than one child must complete and submit a separate application for each child. Each application should be mailed, along with the supporting documentation, in a separate envelope.

Applying in multiple years

Eligible applicants can apply multiple times for the Match the Promise program but must reapply each year. Applicants can receive the Matching Scholarship in multiple years but can only receive the Promise Scholarship once.

How it works

Selection criteria. The Foundation scores applications by assigning points to career essays, grade averages, income levels and numbers of dependents.

Points for essays will be based on the student's understanding of the career he or she is interested in and why, the education or training needed for the career, opportunities for this type of work in the future and the steps the student took to learn about the career. Points will also be assigned for the quality of the essay, including spelling and grammar.

Approval. The Foundation will consider completed applications and notify approved recipients in March of the following year.

Income verification. If your child is approved for a scholarship or grant, you will be asked to submit a copy of your federal income tax return to the Foundation no later than May 1.

Minimum contribution requirement. Approved recipients must receive at least $100 in contributions to their Promise Fund account during the current Promise Fund sales period 1 (Sept. 1 through Aug. 31) to receive a scholarship or grant. Although Match the Promise applications must be submitted by Dec. 31, approved recipients will have until the end of the current Promise Fund sales period on Aug. 31 to meet the contribution requirement for the scholarship program.

Eligible contributions. Contributions from anyone – from the account owner, family or friends – will be included in the amount considered for scholarship deposits.

Contributions must be received by the Promise Fund program during the current sales period, not just postmarked, to be included in the amount considered for scholarship deposits. Contributions should continue to go to the Promise Fund program. Please do not send contributions to the Foundation.

Please see the Matching Scholarship and Tuition Grant Description and Application Instructions for details about eligible contributions.

Scholarship deposits. The Foundation awards scholarships in the form of tuition units, not cash. The units will be deposited in a scholarship account for each recipient by the end of September of the year approved, provided the minimum contribution requirement has been met. The Foundation will notify recipients of this deposit when it is made.

Scholarship accounts. Each scholarship account will be linked to the approved recipient's Promise Fund account. The Foundation will own the scholarship account and retain control of the tuition units funded by scholarships and grants, disbursing as needed directly to Texas public colleges and universities for tuition and school-wide required fees.

Account access. Scholarship account information is not available online. The owner of the linked Promise Fund account can obtain this information by calling the Promise Fund program at 800-445-4723, option 5. Be sure to mention that the Foundation awarded the beneficiary of your Promise Fund account a matching scholarship or tuition grant.

The owner of the linked Promise Fund account will also receive an annual statement for the recipient's scholarship account from the Promise Fund program.

Participating institutions. Scholarship tuition units can be used for undergraduate resident tuition and school-wide required fees at Texas public two- and four-year colleges and universities. Scholarship tuition units cannot be used at career schools or private or out-of-state colleges and universities.

Distribution of units. When registering at a Texas public college or university, the approved recipient should notify the school's billing office that he or she will be using the Promise Fund as payment for all or some of the tuition and required fees.

To use available scholarship tuition units awarded by the Foundation, the owner of the linked Promise Fund account must submit an Approval Request to Use Scholarship Tuition Units to the Foundation. The Foundation will work with the Promise Fund program to disburse scholarship tuition units as needed, up to the maximum number available, directly to the school's billing office upon request.

To the extent possible, available tuition units in the recipient's linked Promise Fund account should be used before tuition units in the recipient's scholarship account.

Note: To use available tuition units in the recipient's linked Promise Fund account (not the scholarship account), the account owner must complete the benefit authorization process outlined in the Student Handbook at the Promise Fund website under Quick Links.

  • [1] The Promise Fund sales period is the time frame in which the current tuition prices are valid, and when, once enrolled, you can purchase additional tuition units.