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    A Sustainable Future Through Solar Energy Scholarship
    Sullivan Solar Power
    8949 Kenamar Drive, Suite 101
    San Diego, CA  92121
    (858) 271-7758

    A $2,000 Scholarship will be awarded twice a year, to high school 
    seniors or current college students, who have at least one parent or
    grandparent who is an immigrant to the United States and who has plans
    to use their college education to help create a sustainable future.  

    Applications accepted via email above, via the website or regular mail.
    A required essay must be submitted with application and should be
    between 500-1000 words explaining how you plan to use your education
    to make a difference in the quest for a sustainable future.  Please 
    visit the website at for
    more detailed information.

    Deadline:  December 31

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