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LoanSTAR Technical Guidelines

The LoanSTAR Program requires that a detailed Energy Assessment Report be prepared according to the following LoanSTAR Technical Guidelines.

LoanSTAR Guidebook, Volume I (PDF)

Volume I provides a road map for engineers preparing Energy Assessment Reports for the LoanSTAR Program. It identifies policies to be followed for project calculations and outlines the required format for presenting the projects to SECO for technical evaluation.

LoanSTAR Guidebook, Volume II (PDF)

Volume II provides simplified calculation methods for many common energy savings measures. These calculation methods are reduced to look-up and fill-in-the-blank procedures and are provided as an aid for analysts.

QuickCalcs Spreadsheets

These Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are formulated to perform calculations automatically based on user data entry. Users should refer to LoanSTAR Guidebook, Volume II for look-up tables. These spreadsheets require technical judgment for inputs and engineering analysis of resulting calculations; therefore, they are intended to be used by those who have knowledge and experience in performing energy conservation calculations and should be reviewed by a Professional Engineer prior to inclusion in Energy Assessment Reports.