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LoanSTAR Revolving Loan Program

The Texas LoanSTAR (Saving Taxes and Resources) Revolving Loan finances energy-related, cost-reduced retrofits of facilities supported by the state, including public school districts and public colleges and universities, as well as units of local government such as counties, cities, towns, public hospital taxing districts or political subdivisions (10 Tex. Gov. Code §2305.032). Borrowers receive low-interest loans to help pay for these efforts. Applicants repay the loans from the energy cost savings realized by the projects.

Guidelines for project eligibility, fund availability and project funding and repayment are set forth in Comptroller rules (34 Tex. Admin. Code §19.41-45). SECO publishes a Notice of Loan Fund Availability for LoanSTAR loans annually. The notice is published on the Comptroller's website and on SECO's Funding & Incentives webpage.

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As of September 1, 2023, LoanSTAR has funded more than 337 loans totaling more than $600 million. As a result of this financing, the LoanSTAR Program has achieved total cumulative program energy savings exceeding $810 million, a direct savings to Texas taxpayers.

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